What will reaction between CO and NaOH form?

What will reaction between CO and NaOH form?


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Ayush Agrawal
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9 years ago

2NaOH + CO2 → Na2CO3 + H2O !!! 

Akshay Meena
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9 years ago
The Reaction Between Carbon Monoxide and Sodiun Hydroxide is :
2NaOH(s) + CO (g) => Na2CO3 (s) + H2 (g)
This reaction serves the dual purpose of carbon sequestration (The process of removing carbon from the atmosphere and depositing it in a reservoir) and yielding hydrogen gas.
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Kushal Karmani
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8 years ago
Nah! Its HCOONa 
Check This out!
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6 years ago
if NaOH present in excess then gives Sodium Carbonate else give HCOONa ( Sodium Formate) as then the following reaction takes place
HCOONa + NaOH => Na2CO3+ H2
Initial Reaction is 
sahabudin ali
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6 years ago
NaoH +co = HCooNa  present in exess then again sodium carbonate again react with NaoH 
HcooNa +NaoH = Na2Co3 + H2   (first equation )       and then 
Na2Co3+ H2o = 2NaoH + Co + O (second equation) 
first and second equation add up then we get
HCooNa   = NaoH + Co 
Na2Co3 Cancel out and H2 and o add  we get H2o and Cancel out .
ankit singh
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2 years ago
he exothermic reaction between NaOH and CO leads to the formation of Na2CO3 and H2. This method of generating H2 can be regarded as a carbon-free emission method. At 300 °C in the presence of 2 h ball milled alumina mixed nickel or Raney nickel catalyst, the reaction showed almost 100% conversion for a 120 min run.Nov 27, 2012

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