nacl ionic or covalent

nacl ionic or covalent

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mohit yadav
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8 years ago


Khandavalli Satya Srikanth
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8 years ago

The bond present in NaCl is ionic.Because there is a complete transfer of elctrons from on atom to another i.e Na gives its one valance electron to Cl atom to from ionic bond.

venkatesh vadde
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8 years ago

it is purely ionic

vierandra kumar
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8 years ago
it is a ionic . according to fajan rule and also the eletronegativity diff, is greater thn 1.7
lokesh soni
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8 years ago
it is ionic because it is made up of alkali metal(can lose e- easily) and halogen(can take a e- easily).
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8 years ago
ionic, Na has a charge of +1 and Cl has a charge of -1. So they fit together.
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8 years ago
NaCl is formed by the` Na` cation and` Cl` anion.Hence ionic bond is present in the NaCl molecule.

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