How to determine the hybridization of a complex compound in a easy way?

How to determine the hybridization of a complex compound in a easy way?


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Vikas TU
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10 years ago

Genrally d-block elements have tendency to form coordination compounds.

from at. no. 21 .i.e scandium to 30 zn 

the configuration starts as: 4s2 3d1 to 4s2 3d10

except chromium and copper

1) First step should be to find the coordination no. in your course 4 and 6 are specified.

2) Second step should be:

Determine the oxidation no. of metal.

3) And According to that start removing electrons from 4s2 shell then from 3d orbital.


Example: we have 4s2 3d6 and in any coordination compound oxdn. no. of metal comes +3

then remove 3 electrons and ths it will come as: 3d5 

now acc. to C.No.detremine the hyberdization.





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