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1. Amines may be derived from ammonia by replacing one, two, or all three hydrogens with alkyl groups. Some examples are

Image:Chapter 8 page 30-2.jpg


2. Amides are another important nitrogen containing organic compound. The key feature of an amine is a nitrogen atom bonded to a carbonyl carbon atom. Like esters, amides are formed in a condensation reaction. While esters are formed from the condensation reaction of an alcohol and a carboxylic acid, amides are formed from the condensation of an amine and a carboxylic acid:

Image:Amide condensation.JPG


Inorganic Compounds Of Nitrogen :

HNO3 - Nitric acid
HNO2 - Nitrous acid
NO2 -   Nitrogen dioxide
N2O -   Dinitrogen monoxide
LiNO3 - Lithium nitrate
NaNO3 -Sodium nitrate
KNO3 -  Potassium nitrate
RbNO3 -Rubidium nitrate
CsNO3 -Cesium nitrate
NO -      Nitrogen monoxide
NH3 -    Ammonia
Be(NO3)2 - Beryllium nitrate
Mg(NO3)2 -Magnesium nitrate
Ca(NO3)2 -Calcium nitrate
St(NO3)2 - Strontium nitrate
Ba(NO3)2 -Barium nitrate
AgNO3 -    Silver nitrate
HCN -       Hydrogen cyanide
NaCN -     Sodium cyanide
KCN -      Potassium cyanide
LiCN -     Lithium cyanide
RbCN - Rubidium cynaide
CsCN - Cesium cyanide
Ba(CN)2 - Barium cynanide
Mg(CN)2 - Magnesium cyanide
Ca(CN)2 - Calcium cyanide
St(CN)2 - Strontium cyanide
Ba(CN)2 - Barium cyanide
NH4Cl - Ammonium chloride
NH4Br - Ammonium bormide
NH4I - Ammonium iodide
NH4NO3 - Ammonium nitrate
N2H4 - Dinitrogen tetraoxide
N2O3 - Dinitorgen trioxide
N2O5 - Dinitrogen pentaoxide
LiNO2 - Lithium nitrite
NaNO2 - Sodium nitrite
KNO2 - Potassium nitrite
RbNO2 - Rubidium nitrite
CsNO2 - Cesium nitrite
Be(NO2)3 - Beryllium nitrite
Mg(NO2)3 - Magnesium nitrite
Ca(NO2)3 - Calcium nitrite
Sr(NO2)3 - Strontium nitrite
Ba(NO2)3 - Beryllium nitrite
NH4OH - Ammonium hydroxide
Li3N - Lithium nitride
Na3N - Sodium nitride
K3N - Potassium nitride
Rb3N - Rubidium nitride
Cs3N - Cesium nitride
Be3N2 - Beryllium nitride
Mg3N2 - Magnesium nitride
Ca3N2 - Calcium nitride
Sr3N2 - Strontium nitride
Ba3N2 - Barium nitride
Ag3N - Silver nitride
ScN - Scandium nitride
YN - Yttrium nitride


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