please answer to my questions also

please answer to my questions also

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3.1 - Periodic trends NaAr (the third period)

Characteristic Trend (left to right) Reason
Atomic radius decreases in size from left to right increased attractive force (acting on the same energy shell) from the nucleus as the number of protons (and hence the nuclear charge) increases
Ionic radius decreases across the period until formation of the negative ions then there is a sudden increase followed by a steady decrease to the end In general as above. The sudden increase on formation of negative ions is due to the new (larger) outer shell
Electronegativity Increases More electron attracting power of the larger nuclear charge as we move to the right
Metallic character Decreases - Na, Mg, Al metals; Si metalloid; P, S, Cl, Ar non-metals Metallic character is a measure of the ease of loss of electrons from the outer shell. This decreases with increasing nuclear charge.
Oxides Na, Mg - alkaline
Al - amphoteric
Si, P, S, Cl -acidic
Chloride character NaCl - ionic
MgCl2 - some covalent character
AlCl3 - covalent
The remainder covalent
Increasing charge density of the positive ion polarises the chloride ion as we move to the right hand side
Melting point NaAl steady increase Increasing availability of electrons in the metallic bonding associated with greater charge density of the metal ion
Si massive increase Si giant macromolecular structure
P large decrease P4 molecules
S small increase S8 molecules
Cl  Ar decrease Cl2 molecules and Ar atoms

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