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WHAT IS THE hybridization of SO4(2-)

WHAT IS THE hybridization of SO4(2-)

Grade:12th Pass

3 Answers

bhaumik shah
4 Points
10 years ago

a simple metod valence electron in s are 6 and if nigbouring atoms are divalent or trivalent then dont count them and add the charge

6+2/2=4 so hybridisation is sp3 as there are 4 sp3 hybridised orbitals

Sanjeev Malik IIT BHU
101 Points
10 years ago

S has 6 valence electrons . with divalent O it has S=O type bonding thus taking 2 elec. for each this type bonding.

2- charge on  S act as lone pair i.e 2 elec for S again used for 4th O. thus it has 4 bondings total giving sp3 hybridisation.

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29 Points
10 years ago

sp3 because it has 4 sigma bonds and no lone the total no of sigma bond + LP IS 4 .SO IT has 4 sp3 orbitals.

Trick:-> if sigma bond + lp is 2 then sp.

if sigma bond + lp is 3 then sp 2.

if sigma bond + lp is 4 then sp 3. and so on.

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