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kartik sharma Grade: 10

Photosensitivity of AgBr is due to the presence of frenkal defect in a crystal?explain?


7 years ago

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Dear kartik,

It is well known that AgBr crystallizes into a face-centered cubic crystal lattice with NaCl structure (space group ) or into a simple cubic crystal lattice with CsCl structure (space group ) depending on the acidity of the medium. The most probable shape of nanocrystallites are cubes characteristic for these space groups. AgBr is one of the basic photographic materials and its photographic properties are the result of deviations from an ideal crystal structure. Since there is no immediate correlation
between concentration of the ingredients of the reaction and the concentration of the nanoparticles obtained the latter can be evaluated only qualitatively. The metal silver phase in this case was not formed as its appearance would be accompanied by sample blackening, which was not observed. The majority of defects in AgBr are the Frenkel defects concentrated near the surface of its particles.
To provide the high-resolution photographic material with good radiation sensitivity the task of vital concern is to create AgBr particles within the medium preventing formation of large conglomerations.


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Sagar Singh

B.Tech IIT Delhi

7 years ago
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