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Radhika Batra Grade: 11

Is there any coahcing for IIT JEE in Dubai? I am located in Dubai and study in a public school here. There are no good coaching institutes in my area. Please help me.

9 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITIians Expert
21 Points


Yes, dear Aditya you can get coaching for IIT-JEE in Dubai Surprised !!!
Askiitians has been really a great help for the students who cannot get access to good institutes. Students who are associated with askiitians belong to places like:

  • Bihar
  • J&K
  • Tamil Nadu

Even in India its tough to find good Coaching Institutes for IIT-JEE in some parts of the country.
But we believe in providing the best education even where its tough to reach,with the help of technology it has become quiet simple.

About askiitians:

I would like to introduce you to We are India's first and only premium online education service started by EX-IITIANS. AskIITians is not only a mentor, guru but also IIT JEE aspirants' best buddy when it comes to cracking the grueling IIT JEE.
We further as a part of our campaign to revolutionize the highly competitive IIT JEE preparation arena and wish to cater to those who have an appetite for success.

Get the best Coaching from Dubai:

Our model of success i.e online rigorous and intense coaching, We provide IIT-JEE coaching online so it doesnt matter which part of the world you are located in.just get connected through internet and enhance your skills by the support and guidance of IITian.

Access ask-IITians’ services anywhere and anytime with the help of a PC and an internet connection.

9 years ago
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