which is the best IIT JEE Online coaching center?

which is the best IIT JEE Online coaching center?


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7 years ago

IIT JEE Online an initiative by Educationists and Professors with over 300+ man-years of experience in training students for the JEE and similar examinations. Over the last 20 years this team of professors has played a significant role in consistently producing Toppers year after year.

iitjeeonline aims at making available the Knowledge, Wisdom & Experience of these Gurus beyond the barriers of Time & Distance at the most affordable cost ever.

The Module comprises over 5000 video lectures in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics in line with the JEE syllabus covering both the Mains & Advanced levels.

Whether you are already preparing elsewhere for the IIT-JEE or not, these lectures & problem solving sessions are aimed at sharpening your skills & equipping you with the tools & techniques required to face the JEE with atmost confidence.

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7 years ago is one of the best coaching center with the experienced lectures.

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