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Grade: 12
Sir i have not studied 11 last year due to some problems . Now i have to study both 11 and 12 and I just have two months left and I have to attend coachings also so plz tell me a way how to manage my study I am worried a lot.
one year ago

Answers : (4)

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Dear Harshita
Frankly speaking, this is a very tough fight for you and you only have to struggle through it.
Now two case arrives,
1. If your preparation is not even for the board level then You should first study for ypur board because sometimes we take this very light but actually they are not.
2. if you are okay with your boards then Just cram all formulas (maximum) if possible.
Also just ake a book for some previous year papers and start solving them. You will surely get help and also your confidence will boost up.
Also take help from your colleagues, teachers and parents.
one year ago
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See since you don't have too much time to prepare but still you can do this. Be patience and believe in yourself that you can do this. Stop doing everything that is not helpful for you. don't go for books. borrow good notes from any of your intelligent friend and stick to them. Personally I would suggest you to not to go for school and study at your home with notes. 
one year ago
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Dear Harshita
I tell with my experience, the best solution is to learn from class 12 ncert for boards and forcus on them.
Because if you lack in the basic concepts of 12 NCERT than you will face issue in both the exams.
Than you can fix a hour everyday to strengthen your formula and theory of any of your favourite chapters.
After the board examination you can comple one portion of each subject for competitive exams.
eg calculus from maths, inorganic chemistry and modern physics and optics from physics.
But the only one thing to keep in mind is – if you let your situation rule you you will certainly get afraid.
So be fearless, be more concerned than worried and remember in the battle of mind and mindset--- MINDSET WINS... So make a mindset to give the best shot ! 
one year ago
Shruti Jain
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Dear Harshita,
There is no reason to panick but yes there is surely a lot of hard work to do.
I suggest you do the following:
Firstly, stop worrying as it will not allow you to completely focus on studying, rather use that fear to work very hard and seriously.You cannot waste time at all so please keep in mind of that.
Secondly, coming to your studies first clear all your concepts of mathematics and chemistry particularly of class 11 as you require it even in class 12 and for your boards.Get your basics right.I will suggest enroling for some institute or if that doesnt suit your needs then go for jee courses online which are self timed.But i suggest you to strongly get your concepts of class 11 right.
Thirdly, Your boards are very important so prepare for that well and whatever chapters you are going through for class 11, try to gather an in depth knowledge about them from Cengage or Arihant as you move along.
Fourthly, on the other hand if you are prepared for boards then try to get notes online or enroll at some institutions where a crash course is done for both 11 & 12 and start practicing.Practice is the only key.I will sugest to alternate your time between class 11 and class 12 as the concepts of 11 are very important and you dont ant to lag behind in school as well.dont just learn up stuff as it wont help you in jee atleast
6 months ago
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  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
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