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Goutham Pati Grade: 12
is it advisable to take integrated course in physics in iit kharagpur?
2 years ago

Answers : (2)

askIITians Faculty
652 Points
Ya, if one talks of the IMSc Physics from IIT Kharagpur, it is really good.
IIT Kharagpur offers a very good placement as well as a good academic record for this branch.
There is also a good scope of research either in abroad or in India if you get interest in the subject.
Try to choose the branch according to your interest in the subject.
Wish you all the best
2 years ago
Ayushmaan Vardhan
804 Points
In an integrated program one gets a single degree for two programs and most importantly one cannot withdraw candidature from second program after the completion of first one, it has to be continued but in case of a dual degree program there are two degrees awarded and one can withdraw after the completion of first degreeif he/she is not willing to continue with the second program.
Kharagpur is definitely a very good choice but to be aware of what facilities are being offered at other institutions, you may visit the official websites of some leading institutions like – DharamSin desai Uni, Nadiad,.......NIMS uni, Jaipur,...........Hindu College of Engg, Sonipat,......Lovely Professional Uni, Phagwara
2 years ago
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