The correct increasing bond angle among BF 3 , PH 3 and CIF 3 follows the order (A) BF 3 3 3 (B) PF 3 3 3 (C) CIF 3 3 3 (D) BF 3 PF 3 CIF 3

The correct increasing bond angle among BF3, PH3 and CIF3 follows the order

(A)        BF3 < PF3 < CIF3

(B)        PF3 < BF3 < CIF3

(C)        CIF3 < PF3 < BF3

(D)        BF3  PF3  CIF3


1 Answers

Shane Macguire
30 Points
10 years ago

In BF3, B is sp2 hybridised


        \ Bond  = 120o


        In PF3, P is sp3 hybrodised, the molecule has pyramidal shape \ bond  is less than 109o.28’ and greater than 100o. In ClF3, Cl is sp3d     hybridized, the molecule has a T-shape.


        \ the bond angle is close to 90o.

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