how to prepare physics logically for iit scoring good rank

how to prepare physics logically for iit scoring good rank


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8 years ago
  • Be confident - get rid of any kinds of fear - especially the fear of failing in IIT-JEE.
  • Infact the first thing you should do is think about all possible things you can do if you failed to clear IIT-JEE or (any other engineering entrance exams) and then find a bottom level of satisfaction - that would give you an idea of how low can you go , have backup plans for it and hence get away with fear of failing
  • Now look at the top. Dream and aim at getting AIR-1 in IIT-JEE (or any other exam)
  • Time is precious - very very precious. Whatever you spend it on - get maximum out of it. (applies to having fun, applies to studying, applies to everything else in life too)
  • Plan your time-table [entire year's] for covering up as much topics/chapters as possible before actual IIT-JEE (your time-table should include margin for practicing test papers and time not spent at studying (this include - commute, holiday, sick etc))
  • Strictly track your progress against your time-table. Make adjustments as required based on your progress (reduce /increase time to be spend on certain topics - cut off the topic from 'essential' list if need be etc.)
  • FOCUS/CONCENTRATE ON TOPICS YOU LEARN. [This could be from books/ coaching teachers/ friends anybody] - that's one very very crucial thing for your success.
  • Spend quality timewhen studying. 1 hour of fully focused clear minded study is far better than 6 hours of half minded studying. That means - DO NOT THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE (except if your house is on fire ;) - just kidding (I mean unless it's really really urgent don't distract your brain)) during that 1 hour. That also includes having a bottle of water and other useful (books, pencil, eraser, sharpner, notebooks) stuff close to you. Keep your phone atleast at a walking distance. If you are using internet/computer to augment your learning - ensure you do that. Don't wander off on facebook/quora/9gag other stuff 'during study time' - If you plan your time-table well, you would get time for everything you like to do.
  • Then practice problems based on what you really learned and re-read/re-learn if you find mistakes in your understanding of the subject - DO NOT MUG UP PROBLEM PATTERNS - that's going to really mess up your mind to a level where you would find it too hard to come back from - you probably won't be left with enough time to understand the topic later.
  • Practice mock test papers as you near the actual exam.
  • Find a reliable source of your knowledge - Books are always there and best out there. Coaching classes will help too (but never get into the impression that just by joining a coaching class and following through their course would get you passed. YOUR OWN EFFORT AND SKILLS are the biggest thing that would really matter in the actual exam)
  • Have fun when you are learning. Have time for relaxation, doing random fun stuff too. That means you don't need to sacrifice any of the things you like doing. Just control the amount of time you spend on it (that includes time spent in recalling and relishing a thing you did - say for example played cricket for 1 hour and spent 2 hours discussing it later on - that's 3 hours of cricket).
  • Machines don't clear entrance exams. Humans do.

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