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how to prepare or we can say revise well for iit in 3 days?

how to prepare or we can say revise well for iit in 3 days?


2 Answers

Ritwik Garg
41 Points
9 years ago

Its 2 days now!!

I would say take an overview of all the formulaes and important concepts and solve atleast a total of two more sample papers from this site. It has good papers. I too am appearing for iit on sunday

Best of Luck


Please hit the Yes button if I helped.

Kolla Raja Sekhar
51 Points
9 years ago

Hi Isha,


Revise all the formulae & their applications from the chapters u have prepared till now.... dont try to now prepare those topics which u havent started till now...but, have a look at atleast formulae from all chapters....


have a look at reaction chains, mechanisms well in organic chemistry......


hope u do well in the exam...


All The Best...... :)

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