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Grade: 11


How `Resultant of two unequal vectors cannot be zero`?! And how `Resultant of three co-planar vectors may or may not be zero`?! With figure would be helpful.

6 years ago

Answers : (1)

neeraj agarwal
34 Points
							let u have two vectors A and B 
the minimum of these two vectors is A-B and  maximum is A+B.
let you have two unequal vectors you get their component in X and Y direction and Now you can have Zero in particular one direction not at both..
let U have two vectors A and B 
resultant magnititude`s square will be
A2+B2-2AB Cos(@),where @ is angle between them.
to have 0 resultant, this must be zero
A2+B2=2AB cos (@)
subtracting 2AB both side 
to have zero resultant you have have both same but Cos@-1 is always negative except 0 at zero and 180.
so you have to have 0 will have only when A=B in LHS 
hence, two vectors can not be zero if they are unequal.

If two vectors have any resultant then third one will neutrilise it when they will be coplanar.
6 years ago
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