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what is the dimension of angle?

what is the dimension of angle?


3 Answers

anil kumar
38 Points
9 years ago


Aman Bansal
592 Points
9 years ago

Dear Neeraj,

There are four basic dimensions that define all measurements of the physical world. One of these dimension is the "angle" which indicate relative direction.
In the world of volumes angles are in three directions and are called solid angles.The solid angles are relative to a percent of the surface of a Sphere.Its unit of measurements are called" Steradians".

In the flat world of surfaces, angles are relative to a percent of the circumference of a circle.The circle is divided into 360 segments relative to the center of the circle, each segment which indicates a change of direction, is called a "Degree."

If the Circumference of a circle is divided by the length of its radius the angle formed is called a" Radian." Hence there are 2pi radian angles in a circle.
However,accuracy of the angle is only as good as the number of decimal places of pi.

Therefore, all angles are relative . Their measurement are relative to a particular frame of reference..

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Aman Bansal

Askiitian Expert

Ronit Mohanty
33 Points
9 years ago

Angle is dimensionless. 

Angle = Arc/Radius
There fore,
The dimension of angle =The dimension of arc/The dimension of radius 
=The dimension of length/The dimension of 
And as we know any quantity which is a ratio of same quantity has no dimension .
So, angle also has no dimension.

Hoping u ll be benefited.


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