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chinthalapudi prashanth Grade: 11

A particle is at rest at a distance R(earth;s radius) above the earth's radius. The minimum speed with which it should be projected so that it should not return is 

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

vikas askiitian expert
510 Points

this question can be solved by conservation of energy

 according to energy conservation ,total initial energy of system is always conserved...

initial potential energy=-GMm/2R                        (m is the mass object & M is mass of earth)

initial kinetic energy=mV2/2

total energy intial=mV2/2 - GMm/2R .....................1


finally, particle reaches to infinity &

potential energy is -GMm/infinity=0

final kinetic energy mV12/2

total energy final is mV12/2..............................2

equating  eq 1 and 2

   V= { GM/R + V12 }1/2

for minimum V ,V1 can be zero

 so, V =(GM/R)1/2

7 years ago
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