Hydroxyl ion concentration of 1M HCl is?

Hydroxyl ion concentration of 1M HCl is?


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Saurabh Koranglekar
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2 years ago
Vikas TU
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2 years ago

As molarity of HCl is given 0.1 this means concentration i.e. no. of moles per volume is 0.1 for HCl and same will be for [H+]. As each molecule of HCl gives out 1 H+ ion on ionisation.

now let us come to the PH part


=log(0.1). so PH = 1 (very acidic as per ph scale at 298K)

now we know at 298K P[H+] + P[OH-] = 14 ( as Kw = 10 raised to the power -14)

so P[OH-] = 13

so -log[OH-] = 13

and then the answer [OH-] = 10 raised to power of -13(negative 13)

concentration of OH- ion is so less that it can easily be neglected as compaired to H+ ion’s concentration.

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