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Which one of the following is an element? A. Ruby B. Sapphire C. Emerald D. Diamond

Which one of the following is an element? 

A. Ruby 
B. Sapphire 
C. Emerald
D. Diamond

Grade:upto college level

7 Answers

Devank Tyagi
18 Points
7 years ago

D. Diamond

debjit das
18 Points
7 years ago
Prajwal kr
49 Points
7 years ago


It is basically pure carbon.

Keerthi Raj
39 Points
7 years ago

D. Diamond

All are beautiful gemstones!!

prince parihar
16 Points
7 years ago

option "D" diamond

Isha Singh
39 Points
7 years ago
None. Diamond is made up of pure carbon element but is not an element. It is basically an allotrope of element carbon. As diamond is not considered element it does not appear in the periodic table either.
aman kumar jha jha
36 Points
7 years ago
i would say none of the above because diamond is not a pure element but is a allotrope of carbon. b ut if ths ques is asked in exam then surely its gonna be DIAMOND

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