What would be the pattern of examination for ISEET?

What would be the pattern of examination for ISEET?


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8 years ago
ISEET Main examination will constitute an objective test which will be of three hours of duration, which will be held at 10AM on the date of examination. The Main exam will have a test for comprehension, critical and logical reasoning.

Advance examination:

ISEET Advance examination will test problem-solving ability in basic science subjects, will be held at 5PM on the date of the examination and the duration of the test will be 3 hours.The two tests together will indicate a candidate’s scholastic level and aptitude for science and engineering.

The combined weightage for Advance and Main exam will not be more than 60% and while school performance in 12th board should be minimum 40% and can even go upto 100%.

These three scores should available to a student for seeking admission in a science or engineering course in the country. The specific weightage to be given to each of these three components will bedecided by the academic institution(s)/ State Government (s).

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