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What will be dipole moment if -q,-q,2q charges are given?

What will be dipole moment if -q,-q,2q charges are given?


2 Answers

Suraj Prasad IIT Patna
askIITians Faculty 286 Points
5 years ago
Look, for dipole moment you require charge as well as distance and distance will matter upon the orientation or the arrangement how these charges are present. So question is invalid till arrangement is given and distance also.
Arnav Prasad
44 Points
5 years ago
Since your question’s diagram is not available, the question can’t be solved.
But as a knowledge complement, for being a Dipole, two charges of EQUAL and OPPOSITE Signs must exist. This is important.
You can calculate dipole moment by taking product of Magnitude of any one of those Charges and the Distance between their centres.
Your question maybe be valid of the charge +2Q is placed exactly “in” or just near to one of the charges –Q seperated by distance D.
Answer shall be = QD.

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