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is there any variation of mass of a charged body? give reason

is there any variation of mass of a charged body? give reason


2 Answers

25763 Points
2 years ago

In the process of charging a body either gains or looses electron to gain either positively or negatively charged. This transfer of electron does not bring any observable change in the mass of the body . Reason being, The mass of electron is being very small compared to the charged body.

However we calculate the change in the mass of a body due to charging process .

For example

A body mass M is given a charge +q , Since charge is quantized

Mass of the electron lost is = n * me

New mass of the body = M−n×me

Hence on charging a body the mass of the body is affected but undectectable change in the mass

chetan jangir
101 Points
2 years ago
Yes ther is slightly very Little change in Mass 
It can be increased or decreased as the way of If it is postively charged then it is decreased as electrons are out from it and increased if negatively charege It is important to note that only electrons moved not the protons

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