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Grade: 12
A charge q is placed at the centre of a face of a cube. Calculate the electric flux through each face of the cube.
6 years ago

Answers : (4)

bharat bajaj
IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty
122 Points
							Now consider a cube... Charge inside the cube is 'q'. ..Total surface are of cube is 6*a*a(a is length of edge of cube). ..The total flux through the cube is q/epsilon...
q/epsilon is the flux for 6 faces...Therefore for one face the flux will be q/6epsilon..
Bharat BajajIIT Delhi
askiitians faculty
6 years ago
Mostafijur Rahaman
40 Points
please go through the question first.
6 years ago
8 Points
q / 6 €
€ » epsilanot
6 years ago
20 Points
							According to gauss law,¢=q÷€Then centre the whole is present in the cubeSo, Total flux is ¢=q/€For each surface of cubeFlux=q/6€We device it by 6because the flux is partially passing through 6 sides of the cube
2 years ago
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