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im an average student in physics how to be strong in physics valuable tips please

im an average student in physics how to be strong in physics valuable tips please


1 Answers

Badiuddin askIITians.ismu Expert
148 Points
12 years ago

Dear Chitu

For Every student There is only one way to get good grip in any topic is hard work.

If you have not joined any coaching classes till now

then  I will suggest you to join any coaching classes.Because as you are preapearing for IIT JEE then you will face a tough comptition.

coaching classes can guide in a better way.


You should learn the basic concept of Physics from the good books. First solve simple questions of that topic.Then question from the previous IIT JEE Papers.Then difficult one.

Just stay calm and focus on understanding rather than mugging. Be regular in class and stay with concepts

For BOOKS you can see  this link

Please feel free to post as many doubts on our discussion forum as you can. If you find any question Difficult to understand - post it here and we will get you the answer and detailed solution very quickly.
 We are all IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation.

 All the best.
Askiitians Experts

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