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Arijit Roy Grade:

can anyone plz solve this problem

a cone made of insulating material has a total charge Q spread uniformly over its sloping surface.Calculate the work done in bringing a small test charge q from infinity to the apex of the coneThe cone has a slope length L

5 years ago

Answers : (1)

Saurabh Kumar
askIITians Faculty
2411 Points
										Its well known concept that outside the conducting charged body, finding the electric field, the body behaves as point charge,
Here, we are given that charge is spreaded over the ramp surface only,
so electric flux due to ramp part + Flux due to base area = 0
So, flux due to ramp part = – flux due to base area
Now consider the base area as disc, and find the electric field and calculate the work done in bringing the charge ‘q’ from infinite to centre....

Good Luck.....................................................
3 years ago
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