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Manoj Kumar Jangra Grade: 12
        23. A parallel plate capacitor of area A, plate separation d and capacitance C is filled with three different dielectric materials having dielectric constants k1, k2 and k3  as shown. If a single dielectric material is to be used to have the same capacitance C in this capacitor then its dielectric constant k is given by

(A) 1/k = 1/k1 + 1/k2 + 1/(2k3)
(B) 1/k = 1/(k1 + k2 ) + 1/(2k3 )
(C) k = (k1 k2)/(k1 + k2 ) + 2k3
(D) k = (k1 k3)/(k1 + k2 ) + (k2 k3)/(k2 + k2 )
8 years ago

Answers : (2)

shailja priya
14 Points

COuld u please check this question again for the multiple choice options....and is there a diagram for this?????

8 years ago
shailja priya
14 Points

Could u please check up with the question once again...the multiple choice options and there a diagram for this question??????

8 years ago
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