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pranshu aggarwal Grade:
        an electric dipole is placed in an electric field generated by a point charge. choose the correct option,

a) the net electric force on the dipole must be zero.
b) the net electric force on the dipole may be zero.
c) the torque on the dipole due to the field must be zero.
d) the torque on the dipole due to the filed may be be zero.
plz give reason also
7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Nikola Tesla
11 Points

Here is a complete answer.

a & b: Cannot be true in any case. Because for the net force on a dipole to be zero, the field lines shoould be parallel to eachother and the dipole must be placed perpendicular to the field. However, in the case of a point charge you cannot have parallel field lines.

c: Not true again. Because in any orientation(except radial) the force on the positive and negative charge will form a couple and you WILL have torque

d: TRUE! if you place the dipole radial from the point object then there will be no net torque! Since torque= F*Rsin(theta). If it is radial sin(theta) is zero

7 years ago
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