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why charge reside inside a closed body ????

why charge reside inside a closed body ????


1 Answers

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10 years ago

Dear student,

The body acquires a static charge after rubbing with another body. The modern explanation of the charging of the material is based on the electron model. According to this model, every material is made up of atoms. Every atom has an extremely small central heavy portion called the nucleus. Nucleus consists of the protons and the neutrons. The protons are the positively charged and the neutrons are neutral. Around the nucleus the electrons are revolving in the fixed orbits. The electrons have the same charge as that of the protons but opposite in nature. The electrons are negatively charged. When one or more electrons are extracted from the atom, the atom gets positively charged.  If the atom gains some electrons, it acquires the negative charge. For the charging of a body only the electrons are responsible.

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