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Grade: 12

circular wire loop of radius "a" A carries a total charge Q distributed uniformly over its length.A small length dL of the wire is cut off, find the electric field at the centre due to the remaining wire.

9 years ago

Answers : (1)

vikas askiitian expert
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total charge=Q

charge per unit length=Q/2pia

charge contained by dL lenght of element = dq=QdL/2pia ...........1


     net electric field at the center of ring is E= 0 ....

when dL element is cut from the ring then let the field of remaining is ER..

so we can say that total electric field at center = ER + electric field due to dL element    

       (total electric field is vector sum of all components)

0=ER + kdq/a2

  ER= -(KQdL/2pia3)




9 years ago
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