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raju manga Grade: 12

A disk with radius R has uniform surface charge density "sigma". a) by regarding the disk as a sereis of thin concentric rings, calculate the electric potential V at a point on the disk's axis distance x from thecentere of the disk.Assume that the potential is zero at infinity. b) Calculate  -dV/  that the result agrees with the expression for Ex

7 years ago

Answers : (3)

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Dear raju,

Potential due to a uniformly charged disc
(i)    At a point on its axis

1808_electric potential.JPG

σ = surface charge density on disc
(ii)    At the centre of the disc

99_electric potential.JPG

Potential at the edge of a uniformly charged disc

 641_electric potential.JPG

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All the best.

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Askiitians Expert

Sagar Singh

B.Tech, IIT Delhi

7 years ago
akash aggarwal
19 Points

can u prove it

by eq

5 years ago
prabhat gaur
8 Points
										Potential at the location of charge is not defined. so how can u define potential at center and circumference of ring. plz explain
3 years ago
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