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what is the difference between static charge and induced charge and what are the applications of that

what is the difference between static charge and induced charge and what are the applications of that

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1 Answers

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3 years ago

There are three method of charging.

i) Conduction- Two METALIC bodies one is charged and other is at neutral, after bringing them in contact, neutral is grounded and than ground is removed and bodies are saparated then neutral object acquire the charge of same polarity the other have.

ii) Induction- Neutral METALIC body placed near to charged object and grounded not physically touching acquire charge oposit ti charged object.(to see images please refer google)

iii)Triboelectric Charge-In this method of charging NO METALIC object is associated ( as compared to above), and occures between two dielectric material due to CONTACT ( NOT friction). One gets +ve and other -ve charge. For charge distribution and polarity please refer triboelectric series.

There is fourth catagory ( Charging by Friction) which is not included because many researchers count it in the catagory of charging by conduction but charging by conduction occures only for metallic objects but in frictional charging it may include either of any or both.

Electrostatic charge is purely static and when ever metalic objects are concidered every charge starts to flow and become dynamic in behaviour. So static charge can only be accumulated in dielectric material. And for ESD many researcher do NOT account charging by friction but many does which is not is standerd but it will be very soon.

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