What is electromagnetic induction And working principal of motor

What is electromagnetic induction
And working principal of motor


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The induction of an electromotive force by the motion of a conductor across a magnetic field or by a change in magnetic flux in a magnetic field is called ‘Electromagnetic Induction’.

This either happens when a conductor is set in a moving magnetic field (when utilizing AC power source) or when a conductor is always moving in a stationary magnetic field.

This law of electromagnetic induction was found by Michael Faraday.He organized a leading wire according to the setup given underneath, connected to a gadget to gauge the voltage over the circuit. So when a bar magnet passes through the snaking, the voltage is measured in the circuit. The importance of this is a way of producing electrical energy in a circuit by using magnetic fields and not just batteries anymore. The machines like generators,  transformers also the motors work on the principle of electromagnetic induction

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Dear student 
I would like to add the concept of Back EMF
According to fundamental laws of nature, no energy conversion is possible until there is something to oppose the conversion. In case of generators this opposition is provided by magnetic drag, but in case of dc motors there is back emf.
When the armature of the motor is rotating, the conductors are also cutting the magnetic flux lines and hence according to the Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, an emf induces in the armature conductors. The direction of this induced emf is such that it opposes the armature current (I)
Magnitude of back emf is directly proportional to speed of the motor. Consider the load on a dc motor is suddenly reduced. In this case, required torque will be small as compared to the current torque. Speed of the motor will start increasing due to the excess torque. Hence, being proportional to the speed, magnitude of the back emf will also increase. With increasing back emf armature current will start decreasing. Torque being proportional to the armature current, it will also decrease until it becomes sufficient for the load. Thus, speed of the motor will regulate.

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