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what are the Types of crystal

what are the Types of crystal


4 Answers

489 Points
5 years ago
covalent,metallic,ionic,molecular crystals are the different types of crystals
211 Points
5 years ago
@noogler he is incorrect the correct anser is here mentioned
  • triclinic - usually not symmetrical from one side to the other, which can lead to some fairly strange shapes
  • monoclinic - like skewed tetragonal crystals, often forming prisms and double pyramids
  • orthorhombic - like tetragonal crystals except not square in cross section (when viewing the crystal on end), forming rhombic prisms or dipyramids (two pyramids stuck together)
  • tetragonal - similar to cubic crystals, but longer along one axis than the other, forming double pyramids and prisms
  • trigonal - possess a single 3-fold axis of rotation instead of the 6-fold axis of the hexagonal division
  • hexagonal - six-sided prisms. When you look at the crystal on-end, the cross section is a hexagon
  • cubic - not always cube shaped! You'll also find octahedrons (eight faces) and dodecahedrons (10 faces).
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489 Points
5 years ago
@rahul plz see question properly...........
he asked what are types of crystals.......NOT CRYSTALLINE STRUCTURES
211 Points
5 years ago
noogler yes you answered fot the NON CRYSTALLINE STRUCTURES and overhere morden has asked for the typr of crystalls and yes my answer is totally correct i recently checked out my NCERT
please correct

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