What is Fleming's right hand rule?Please explain with examples

What is Fleming's right hand rule?Please explain with examples


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13 years ago

Fleming's Right hand rule

On sleeching yours right hand's thumb, the index finger and middle finger is such a way that thumb reresents direction of motion of conductor, the index finger ther direction of magnetic field, then the middle finger represents the direction of the induced current.

Time varying magnetic field

If a conducting loop is placed inside a time varying magnetic field, te changing magnetic field acts as a source of electric field and hence induce an e.m.f., infact the electric field is ever induced when no conductor is present

Can be used to determine that electric field. Where  is different from an electrostatic field, as it is non conservative. We cannot define the potential corresponding to this field in the usual sense, that is, dV =  .... not hold hex. has ... have a direction shown when  is incoming because   has to be negative when  is positive.

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