what is the defination of electric field?and what is the defination of electricm charge?

what is  the defination of    electric field?and what is the defination of electricm charge?


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7 years ago
Electric Charge: particles that exerts electric forces aresaid to have an electric charge.
Electric Field:charges exerts forces on the another by mmeans of disturbances that they generate in a space surrounding them. these distrubance is called electric field.
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7 years ago
ELECTRIC CHARGE: Electric charge is the physical property of matter that causes it to experience a force when placed in an electromagnetic field. There are two types of electric charges positive and negative.
ELECTRIC FIELD: Electric field is defined as the Electric force per unit charge. The direction of the field is taken to be the direction of the force it would exert on a positive test charge. The Electric field is radially outward from a positive charge and radially in toward a negative point charge.

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