Why is p and n type semiconductor elecrically neutral

Why is p and n type semiconductor elecrically neutral


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Ramesh V
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13 years ago

all semiconductors are firstly insulators because they contain equal no of +ve & -ve charges.both n & p type semiconductors are made by doping or by increasing temperature.

Consider first the intrinsic material--no donors. You agree that is neutral. Now we add a donor material. Each atom of donor material is added whole, protons and electrons and is also neutral. So adding donor atoms does not change the neutrality of the material. However, the donor atoms do not "fit right" into the lattice of atoms of the receptor material, making it easier for electrons (in "n" material) or holes (electron absence in "p" material) to "break free" of the forces binding them to the atom. These electrons and holes provide the conductivity of the doped material.




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