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maulik solankik Grade: 11

Is IIT question paper really hard?

My coaching institute tells that it is easy if the concepts are easy, but I don't believe.

How can I make myself confident about cracking IIT-JEE?


Please answer my query as early as possible.

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

askiitians expert Jyotiska IIT KGP
23 Points

Hi Maulik 

I suppose you are in your preparatory level of IIT JEE. Coming to the point of cracking IIT JEE. The difference between a successful IITJEE aspirant and an unsuccessful one is the believe in themselves. One believes he/she can crack it and the student finally does. I will suggest you to purchase a book named “psychology of success in IIT JEE” published by MTG authored by Anuj Khare. Here is the link for a preview . I read this book and it boosted up my moral support. This book is not a study material book but contains interview of several IITians who cracked JEE and they also described how much they believed in themselves that they will crack IIT JEE.

Regarding the questions in IIT JEE I must tell you that the questions are thought provocative and not difficult .If your basics are strong and have good analytical thinking you can crack any problem of IIT JEE, They are not difficult they are just different. You must concentrate in your coaching and believe in the methods they tell. Start developing strong basics over the subjects and analytical thinking and ability to apply concepts in new situation and you are sure to sail through IIT JEE . 

8 years ago
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