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Grade: 11

[Physics:Units and Measurement, Mathematical Tools, Basic Kinematics (Motion along straight line, uniform and non-uniform acceleration equations]
[Mathematics: Set Theory, Functions, Sequences and series (AP, GP, AM and GM]
[Chemistry: Mole Concept, Atomic Structure]........ SEPTEMBER: [Physics:
Kinematics (Complete), Kinetics]
[Mathematics: Logarithm, Trigonometric identities, ratios and functions, Sequences and series (HP, HM, AGP and relations)]
[Chemistry:Chemical Bonding, Redox Reactions]....... OCTOBER: [Physics:
Work, energy and Power, Impulse and momentum]
[Mathematics: Trigonometric Equations and inequations, Properties of triangle]
[Chemistry: Gaseous State, Liquids]...... NOVEMBER: [Physics:
System of particles and motion of rigid bodies, Solids and fluids]
[Mathematics: Points and lines, circles, parabola]
[Chemistry: Equilibrium, Thermodynamics]....... DECEMBER: [Physics:
Surface tension and viscosity]
[Mathematics: Ellipse, Complex Numbers]
[Chemistry: Periodic Classification of elements, Metallurgy]........ JANUARY: [Physics: Gravitation and REVISION OF ALL PREVIOUS THINGS]
[Mathematics: Inductions and REVISION OF ALL PREVIOUS THINGS]
[Chemistry: s-block elements and REVISION OF ALL PREVIOUS THINGS]...... FEBRUARY: [Physics: Thermal Physics]
[Mathematics: Hyperbola, Quadratic Equations, inequations and expressions] [Chemistry: Organic Chemistry]...... MARCH: [Physics: REVISION OF ALL PREVIOUS TOPICS ]
[Chemistry: Isomerism and REVISION OF ALL PREVIOUS TOPICS]....... APRIL: [
NOTHING (Because School Final Exams)]

Any changes required or any still good way like any chapter that should be finished first? Please guide me.
10 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskIITianExpert Srijan.iitd
8 Points

Its great that you took this much pain to write down al this.This shows that the biggest thing you need to clear jee is with you,motivation.

Now,dont you think that your december is little less work for should shift half of the solids and fluids part from november to december...i kno dt you may be having terminal exams at school bt still whole of december is too much for Surface tension and viscocity.I mean you should give more time to the rotation chapter which you plan for november.

The most important thing is that you should keep your plan fexible and update it regularly .Your plan is otherwise good!!!

10 years ago
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Course Features

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  • Revision Notes
  • Test paper with Video Solution
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
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