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which r the important books to clear aieee

which r the important books to clear aieee

Grade:Upto college level

1 Answers

askiitian expert akshay singh
8 Points
12 years ago

hi nirmit,

     the books for aieee are not very different from those of jee,the theory covered is nearly same ,the difference is only in the problems and the problem solving techniques.The syllabus of aieee is very vast as compared to jee,but the good thing is u are not supposed to do everything very deeply,if u learn all the formulas and solve previous years jee pre papers then much a course is done.The questions asked in aieee are not meant to check very deep concepts they just ask ques from the surface of the topic only.

    for theory i'll suggest go through the same books as that of jee,for problems the best option would be books of " ARIHANT PUBLICATIONS",and surely go through previous years jee pre papers 20% of the paper in aieee is repeated and the concepts even are taken from jee problems.

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