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how long should i study in a day ??what times are better for study?can you pls make me a time schedule for studies??pls...

and most important how much time should i devoute to question practicing and learnig theories??

7 years ago

Answers : (2)

pranay -askiitians expert
44 Points

dear aditya,

i think you are taking a classroom coaching for iit jee. if so listen to the classes with keen observation. whatever your teacher teaches you, you read the theory by yourself by that night and practice the application part with unteached examples. avoid writing the class notes as much as possible since it gives you frustration and restlessness.

7 years ago
pranay -askiitians expert
44 Points

i am giving you my shedule , if you like it you can follow it.

8:30pm-11:00pm - mathematics theory and its application part , doing arihant problems which are a bit really tough.

11:00pm-12:30pm-physics theory in hcv and resnick and halliday and irodov problems which are really brain twisters.

6:30am-7:30am-chemistry. organic chemistry in special. prefer ncert books and arihant books for chemistry it was an advice to me by a group of iitians.

and last if you have time, write the online exams in askiitians to test yourself they are really helpful.

all the best. hopeyou crack IIT-JEE


pranay naidu

7 years ago
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