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bitan b Grade: Upto college level


I am getting seats in NITd in Mech.engg.. This was my 2nd attempt. I am alredy studying in a reputed engg. College. But I am having confusion joining NITs .

In my current college I am confident of getting good placement on 3rd year. But if I join nit , 4 yrs from now will I get good placements since I came to nits in 2nd attempt. Besides are freshers given preference to repeaters during placement interviews ? please, also tell me if there are many people who come to nits in 2nd attempt ?

8 years ago

Answers : (2)

AskiitianExpert Shine
10 Points


There are no such discriminations based on freshers or repeaters when u go for placements, its entirely your acdemic record that fetches u a nice package. There are many people who go to NITs in 2 attempt. In IITs there are almost the same no. of repeaters and freshers, and nobody even cares about that.

Also, if u are sure that u gonna get a good placement from ur current college then why are u interested going to NITs. But , if u think NITs can offer u a better placement then go for it , and be free from the thought about ur second attempt. U'll meet many who had their 2 attempt.

8 years ago
AskiitiansExpert Milanshu
9 Points

i dnt think that you have to change your college,since you are so confident about the placement from your college. Also you said you are studying in a reputed college, thus you definitely get a good job from your this college also. And also 1 year is a very big time, so after getting your 1st job from your college you can switch your job after 1 year of job experience, if you want. Also you will get a year of more experience.

about the fresher thing, there is no such criteria about the freshers and repeaters. Nobody ask you about the fresher or repeater thing. The job placement completely depends upon your academic result in the respective college. Also a good command on english is necessary to crack any kind of placement.

there are a lot of people which go in NITs in 2nd attempt even some of the people in NITs also come after dropping twice. So, there is no need to worry about the 2nd attempt thing.

8 years ago
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