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Grade: 12

i have passesd 12 this year.

iit prep is better option or dce if one year is not a botheration for me.

in iit preparatory counselling which iits should i fill first .in iit bombay and kanpur.chemical,metallurgy,aerospace are iit delhi main branches vacant is chemical .in iit khragpur,madras and guwahati electrical,mechanical and civil are also vacant.

should i see branch or college .what scope is their in chemical and metallurgy branches.are they good branches.rank the iits which i should fill at the time of preparatory counselling considering placements,packages and branches available.

reply soon!

10 years ago

Answers : (2)

AskiitiansExpert Milanshu
9 Points

the best option is to take iit prep. you can see it would be better to pass from a prestigious and renouned college than any other college. Althoughe dce is also a good college but iit  should be better choice.

the best option would be to take electrical in iit Kharagpur. You can see that there is a large demand of electrical engg student\s and also it in one of the most asked branch by the companies.

In placements also, electricals is very good . the avg package of electrical in iit kg is around 5.5. which is one of the best than any other branches.

Also many companies look only for computers and electrical engg students, but for chemicals specially there are very few companies which are open for them during the time of on campus placements. So, in electrical there is no problem of shortlisting for company which is not the case with chemical. Also most of the banks which come to iit recruite only electrical and computer students.

Also large no. of core companies come for placements in campus which give a good package.

some good companies which come for placement for elecltricals are ABB, Areva, Seimens, UBS, barclays bank, microsoft, yahoo, ibm, google etc.

10 years ago
AskiitianExpert Shine
10 Points


If u really want to go to IIT prep , then prefer the IITs Bombay and delhi at first, and then the other. Chemical engg. is a very good branch. if u are concerned with ur future prospects then also chemical engg. has got varied scope.

Chemical engineering is a multidisciplinary area. All the basic areas of engineering like civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and metallurgy are involved in addition to the specialty of chemical engineering itself.
It is needed in almost all manufacturing industries like, foods, pharma, biotech, chemicals, petro chemicals, polymers and many more.

Jobs for chemical engineering graduates will be available in mineral-based industries, petrochemical plants, synthetic fibre units and even in petroleum refining plants. You can find employment opportunities with chemical industries, refineries, manufacturers of acids, medicines, varnishes, paints, fertilisers, etc.

You can even join research organisations and laboratories as technical experts on engineering projects.Chemical engineers are required in defence establishments and atomic power plants. They can work as consultants as well.

On the other hand mettalurgical engg is quite specific and has a limited scope. so , i'd suggest u for Chemical in IIT Delhi or Bombay, then electrical in kharagpur or Madras, and then the other choices.

10 years ago
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