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kirti agarwal Grade:

 many editions of physics by halliday, resnick and walker is present in the market .. can u plzz sugest which one should be taken so that i do not cost me too much and will be good ?

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

hsn kmr
32 Points

Dear Kirti Agarwal ,


Actually Resnick halliday consists of Five parts they are as follow :


PART 1 - measurement , motion along straight line , vectors , motion in 2D and 3D , Force and motion I , Force and Motion II , Kinetic energy and work , Potential energy and conservation of energy , System of particles , Collisions , Rotation , Rolling torque and angular momentum . 


PART 2 - Equilibrium and Elasticity , gravitation , Fluids , Oscillations , Waves I , Waves II , Temperature heat and the first law of thermodynamics , The kinetic theory of Gases , Entropy and second Law of thermodynamics .


PART 3 - Electricity and Magnetism


The rest 2 parts are irrelevant fo IIT-JEE . You should remember that this book should only be used for REFERENCE and some conceptual Questions .

First , of all You should be thorough with the NCERT textbooks after which you should solve promblens from HC VERMA .


Lines of appreciation ( why you should Buy this book ? )

Each chapter contains a description of physical principles . It is well supported by mathematical derivations of equations, description of laboratory experiments , historical background followed by solved examples.

Chapters like electro magnetism , rotation and wave optics have been covered very well in this book.


Room for improvements 

Although this book covers most of the chapters in detail but theory part of wave motion on a string , Circular motion , Sound waves are not covered so well.


All the best may God bless You!

7 years ago
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