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arjun jacob Grade: 12

sir..hw is the grading system in IITs?are they based on the stduents academic performence?can u explain the whole thing pls..also wat do these have to do with campus placements and salaray packages?if a stduent gets gud marks in all exams will he get a gud cgpa?is there any partiality??

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Ramesh V
70 Points

grading system is based on your marks in your exam. generally if u get A grade (>90), B (80-90) and so on.. the grading can be relative among the students or can be absolute, entirely depending on your subject teacher. some times this includes your impression , attendence, assignment submission - but all these carry 20 marks, mid exams-30 marks, end exams - 50 marks.

and CGPA has lot of importance in first shortlist for comapnies. generally a cgpa of 7.5 is very gud. Entirely CGPA doesnot work in placmnts, thr requirres u r persaonal talent, extra activities and son on. A gud CGPA will take u too the desk of interviewer easily sooner. Salary packages depends on depends on your dept.

Of course if perform well, youll get a gud grade and thus a gud CGPA.

For higer studies a gud GPA of 8+ is required to get admission in gud college.

I hope u got wat u r looking for.

Wish u all the best




7 years ago
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