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Working, theory, principle and application of NOR gate using transistor

Working, theory, principle and application of NOR gate using transistor


1 Answers

askIITians Faculty 747 Points
6 years ago
The Logic “NOR” Gate
Logic NOR Gate Definition

TheLogic NOR GateorInclusive-NORgate is a combination of the digital logicORgate with that of an inverter orNOTgate connected together in series. TheNOR(Not–OR) gate has an output that is normally at logic level “1” and only goes “LOW” to logic level “0” whenANYof its inputs are at logic level “1”. TheLogic NOR Gateis the reverse or “Complementary” form of theORgate

Transistor NOR Gate

A simple 2-input logic NOR gate can be constructed using RTL Resistor-transistor switches connected together as shown below with the inputs connected directly to the transistor bases. Both transistors must be cut-off “OFF” for an output atQ.
Logic NOR Gatesare available using digital circuits to produce the desired logical function and is given a symbol whose shape is that of a standardORgate with a circle, sometimes called an “inversion bubble” at its output to represent theNOTgate symbol with the logical operation of theNORgate given as.

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