sir page 18 gaseous state module is it corret

sir page 18 gaseous state module is it corret

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Naveen Kumar
askIITians Faculty 60 Points
7 years ago
Dear student, you have done mistake in conversion of unit for prassure.
Put 760 mm of Hg ~ 1 atm and put R=0.082 atm-L/mol-K
then the nH2=(380*2)/(760*0.082*300) mol =~0.041 mol
Similalry, calculate the mole of O2 and then using Daltons law of partial pressure, calculate the total pressure.
Harishwar IIT Roorkee
askIITians Faculty 50 Points
7 years ago
Hi Student,

You have substituted the unit of P in mm. P of 380 mm is converted in to atm firstly by dividing with 760mm. Then calculate the no of moles of H2

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