Sir i am in 12th class.i want to appear in jee main April 2021and till now I can't study anything so what should I do?

Sir i am in 12th class.i want to appear in jee main April 2021and till now I can't study anything so what should I do?


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3 years ago
Dear student really you should not waste your time and should focus on your studies.Because once you waste time it will not be disadvantaged for anyone but it will be the disadvantage of you only.
So from now only from this moment take book and get for the studies and one day you will get the nice result of your efforts. 
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3 years ago
  1. Practice previous year questions many times..
  2. Appear for a test series and analyse it properly (Giving 2–3 hours)
  3. Revise your notes multiple times till they enter your soul :)
  4. Find your strong points and chapters, work on them..
  5. Solve other people’s doubts. It makes your own concepts very clear
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2 years ago
  • Study on a desk if you have it at home. Avoid studying while lying down on a bed.
  • Don’t get up from your desk during 3 hours of study session. Even not for drinking water.
  • Don’t listen music during studies. If you have a habit, then slowly come out of it by reducing it day by day.
  • No phone calls and no SMS during studies.
  • Don't socialize too much:-Avoid too much talking on phone with your friends. Not more than -30 minutes every day. Keep yourself away from family discussions and don’t get into arguments with parents and brothers/sisters because it will only wastes your time and energy. Be selfish to focus on your career.
  • Don't spend long hours on TV, Internet and playing games:- If you are too much into TV, cut down immediately. Don’t spend more than 1 hour in front of TV every day.
  • Internet is the biggest addiction of all time. Real time sucker. Don’t sit on computer for more than 1 hour unless as their any study need.

  • Don't play outdoor sports:-Those who are playing physical games a lot should reduce them. These games are very tiring. If you are physically tired, you would not be able to concentrate on studies. I suggest evening walk or light exercise either in the morning or evening.
  • Don't study late night:- Those who study late nights, sleep whole day. This is a bad schedule. If you don’t sleep well in the night, you will feel sleepy in school and in your coaching classes. So best is you should sleep for 7 hours any time between 10 PM to 9 AM. Those who don’t get study atmosphere at home in the day time, in worst case they should study till 2.00 AM and get up at 9.00 AM.
  • Don't sleep for long or two short sleep hours:-You should target for 7 hours sleep every day. Also avoid day time sleeping for more than 90 minutes.Those you could manage to sleep less, I would not recommend a sleep of less than 5-6 hours. If body is tired, mind cannot function properly.
  • Don'ts go to school daily:-I suggest that if possible, go to school not more than 4 times a week. School studies are not going to play important role in your career at this stage. Even school studies should be done just before the exams say 1-2 weeks before exams.

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