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Grade: 11
is my plan good?
physics-pradeep fundamental of physics(complete)
hc verma-( obj.1, 2 and exercises)
aakash study material complete
chemstry-physical-op tondon(complete)
               inorganic(ncert and past 40 year ques. +aakashstudy material)
organic (aakash lectures+aakash study material+last 40year paper)
maths(rd sharma-12
          rs aggarwal for 11
           +ncert 11 and 12
            aakash study material+
ast 40 yera paper)
any suggestion in my plan?
9 months ago

Answers : (2)

Agrata Singh
208 Points
Dear Amsih 
Hour plan seems well enough. However I would like to add a few suggestions from my own experience 
First of all for physical chemistry you may go through pradeep publication books as I found them better than O P Tondon. 
For Organic it would be great if you could give Solomonsand Frhyle OR Morrisson and Boyd a read. These books clarify concepts to a great level, enabling you to attempt even the toughest problems of jee advanced
As for maths I would suggest Cengage over R D Sharma. RD Sharma didn't prove very helpful in the long run. As far as boards are concerned RD Sharma is good however for JEE Cengage offers a better conceptual build up
Hopefully this helps you. Wishing you best of luck
9 months ago
Saurabh Koranglekar
askIITians Faculty
2305 Points

All the best

but for quick revision you may revise with the help of askiitiansmaterials
9 months ago
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