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Grade: 11
is my plan good?
physics-pradeep fundamental of physics(complete)
hc verma-( obj.1, 2 and exercises)
aakash study material complete
chemstry-physical-op tondon(complete)
               inorganic(ncert and past 40 year ques. +aakashstudy material)
organic (aakash lectures+aakash study material+last 40year paper)
maths(rd sharma-12
          rs aggarwal for 11
           +ncert 11 and 12
            aakash study material+
ast 40 yera paper)
any suggestion in my plan?
one year ago

Answers : (2)

Agrata Singh
208 Points
Dear Amsih 
Hour plan seems well enough. However I would like to add a few suggestions from my own experience 
First of all for physical chemistry you may go through pradeep publication books as I found them better than O P Tondon. 
For Organic it would be great if you could give Solomonsand Frhyle OR Morrisson and Boyd a read. These books clarify concepts to a great level, enabling you to attempt even the toughest problems of jee advanced
As for maths I would suggest Cengage over R D Sharma. RD Sharma didn't prove very helpful in the long run. As far as boards are concerned RD Sharma is good however for JEE Cengage offers a better conceptual build up
Hopefully this helps you. Wishing you best of luck
one year ago
Saurabh Koranglekar
askIITians Faculty
3433 Points

All the best

but for quick revision you may revise with the help of askiitiansmaterials
one year ago
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