i am in 12 class. going on quite well in studies. just need an idea about how to give my best in iit entrance exam

i am in 12 class. going on quite well in studies. just need an idea about how to give my  best in iit entrance exam


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mohit vashishtha
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7 years ago
  1. No shortcut to hard work: This means that if you want success then the only way is to work very hard for it. This is because there is lot of competition in each and every thing you do. Without hard work it is rather impossible to achieve anything in life.
  2. Right direction for your hard work: Whatever work you do in your routine, if it does not have any direction then the work done will be a waste. When you work blindly without knowing anything you may fail to get a proper result.
  3. Very strong concept building: If you study something a number of times but still fail to understand the concept, then in all probability you are not enjoying the topic. It is very important for JEE preparation that whatever concepts your study should be strong, otherwise you will face problems while solving questions as all the questions asked in JEE are application based. More importantly, the stronger your concepts, the more you will enjoy studying the latter topics.
  4.  Speed with accuracy: In JEE you must have speed with accuracy, because generally papers are lengthy and twisted. Accuracy is required so as to avoid negative marking and thus reducing your loss. Speed will be achieved by regular practice and accuracy comes by paying full concentration while attending classes as well as while attempting more papers.
  5. Consistent preparation as well as performance: One has to be very regular in his or her studies while preparing for JEE. You have to work everyday without taking a single break for the two years. Also the performance graph should be consistent. This means every test you give during these two years should show gradual progress of your performance rather than zig-zag. This will give boost to your confidence level.
  6. Thorough analysis of subject, topics and test: Analysis of everything you do is must. Analysis will give you an idea about your weakness and strength. Depending on that one should work hard on weaknesses and improving strength. Test analysis is important because that will give you a clear picture of whether you know the subject or not.
  7. Disciplined and systematic approach towards studies: One has to be very organised in his or her studies. You study for 10 hrs one day and then don’t study at all for three days will not work. You should decide a particular pattern of study that suits you the most, and then follow this pattern throughout this two years.
  8. Positive attitude: With positive attitude you cannot become a performer. Negativity will result in nothing but frustration and failure.
  9. Burning desire to achieve the target: If you have a burning desire to do something then all the energies in the world will help you in achieving your goal. So set your target, be passionate about it and don’t look back
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7 years ago
Try to cover each and every concepts.Try atleast two different problems on each topic.Try to solve in chemistry,maths,Physics.this is just a suggestion.
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