Hi. I m a parent of class 1 child. I m extremely confused between icse and cbse. N which school to choose for my kid. Can u help.

I m a parent of class 1 child. I m extremely confused between icse and cbse. N which school to choose for my kid. Can u help.


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3 years ago
  • CBSE Board : 1: Assures an overall growth of a child. 2: Loads of information and general subjects in the curriculum. This is very good when it comes to general knowledge. ...
  • ICSE is also a good board.
  • IB Board.
anurag bhattacharjee
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3 years ago
I think ICSE is a very good and standard board for students upto 10th standard. But for 11th and 12th grade, studying in CBSE board is more resonable due to higher standards of it’s syllabus and similarity in pattern for competitive exams. It’s upto your decision now.
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3 years ago
See dont go here and there be focussed on your studies and try to make your mentor your good friend if you will go on other tracks .If try to solve many books then it will make confusions in many topics regards wish for a good future.
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2 years ago

CBSE (Central Board of Senior Education) and ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) are two of the respectable boards that Indian schools follow. Though CBSE and ICSE boards are common in India, both have major differences. It would be wrong to say that one board is better or worse than the other. My niece studies in a CBSE school, and my son studies at an ICSE school – Primus Public School, Bangalore. I have observed both of them and also analysed the education pattern and curriculum of their schools. I feel that I can differentiate between the two boards quite well.

CBSE teaches in both mediums, Hindi and English, since it is nationwide and not each student knows the English language. ICSE teaches only in English medium it’s curriculum is more global in its approach. The Union Government of India recognises CBSE. ICSE was established by the Local Examinations Syndicate of the University of Cambridge, and it solely focuses on centric education. CBSE curriculum is slightly biased towards the entrance syllabus of engineering colleges and medical colleges, so the syllabus focuses mainly on science subjects with less preference for commerce and humanities students.

CBSE has a compact syllabus with lesser subjects to choose from. Whereas in ICSE, the curriculum gives equal importance to all the streams and subjects without any discrimination. Their approach depends on the application process rather than theoretical learning. After learning the differences, I believe that an ICSE certification opens doors to a wider world of opportunities, which is why I chose it for my son.

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